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Episode 306: Little Boy Boo

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Air Date October 30, 1992
Written by Kirk R. Thatcher
Director Tom Trbovich

Robbie as the Wereman.

In a special Halloween episode, Robbie is forced to baby-sit the Baby. Although the Baby succeeds in scaring his older brother, Robbie turns the tables and frightens the Baby into submission by weaving a scary tale based on the Wolfman fable using himself as the "Wereman," half dinosaur/half man.


Robbie babysits the Baby while the rest of the family goes to watch Charlene perform in a school play. Fran tells Robbie not to let the Baby have any cookies until after he's had dinner, but the Baby takes a cookie and pretends to choke on it. After Robbie realizes that the Baby had pretended to choke, Robbie decides to have the Baby go to bed, but the Baby wants Robbie to tell him a story. Since the Baby had just scared Robbie, Robbie decides to make it a scary story.

Robbie tells the Baby of a night when he was walking a date home and decided to take a shortcut through a cementary, where a caveman approaches them and bites Robbie on the arm. Robbie then notices a strange mark that appears on his arm, which won't come off, so he goes to see the world's oldest dinosaur (portrayed by Ethyl Phillips) for advice. She looks at the mark, and informs Robbie that he has become a wereman, a dinosaur who transforms into a caveman on nights of a full moon. She says that the only way to get out of the spell is to beat himself senselessly with a club of silver. Unfortunately, all of the stores are all out, so Robbie hits himself over the head with a spoon, but it does'nt work. Robbie soon turns into a caveman.

Robbie, in the form of a caveman, gets chased out of the house by Earl and Charlene, who don't recognize the caveman as Robbie, and then Earl has an angry mob go after him. Robbie also manages to frighten his girlfriend. However, Robbie soon becoems a dinosaur again. In the present, Robbie asks the Baby if he's scared yet. Though obviously scared, the Baby denies that he's scared. So Robbie tells the Baby that he forgot to tell the Baby that the world's oldest dinosaur actually told Robbie that there are two ways to break the curse. Robbie went back to ask the worlds oldest dinosaur what the other way to break the curse is, and the other way is to eat the toes of a bad baby dinosaur who won't go to bed when he's told.

Robbie then reveals that she told him that two hours ago, and that the story is all true. He says that that's why he stayed home with the Baby and knows how to end his curse. The baby then drops a toy, asking Robbie to pick it up. The Baby plans on hitting Robbie with a frying pan, but when he sees Robbie next, he sees Robbie as a caveman. The Baby then screams and jumps to the ceilling. However, he was just imagining Robbie as a caveman, but he refuses to come down. Robbie explains that he's not really a caveman. He was just trying to show the Baby that it's not fun to be scared. The Baby does'nt believe Robbie, and refuses to come down until Robbie promises to give the Baby a cookie. However, the cookie jar is empty, and the Baby decides to stay up on the ceiling, but Robbie promises to get the Baby some cookies and candy. The stores are closed, so Robbie decides to go to his neighbors houses and ask them for candy, until he has a whole bag full.

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  • Taped on September 11, 1992
  • This episode ends with the I'm the Baby (Gotta Love Me) music video.
  • This is the first episode to have the new season three opening.

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