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==Supporting cast==
==Supporting cast==
*[[Lanford]] ([[Rob Mills]])
*[[Lanford]] ([[Rob Mills]])
*[[Cotterpin Doozer]] ([[Kathy Mullen]])
*[[Cotterpin Doozer]] ([[Kathryn Mullen]])
*[[Wrench Doozer]] ([[Dave Goelz]])
*[[Wrench Doozer]] ([[Dave Goelz]])
*"[[Blanket of Snow]]"
* "[[Blanket of Snow]]"
*"[[Goodtime Goombah Soup]]"
* "[[Goodtime Goombah Soup]]"
==Video releases==
==Video releases==

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Fraggle Rock
Air Date January 28, 1985
Written by B.P. Nichol
Director George Bloomfield

Greaseberry seeds.

Mokey overcommits herself and doesn't manage to fulfill any of her promises to her friends, including her promise to knit a tarpaulin to protect Marjory the Trash Heap from the snow. When the Trash Heap is frozen solid in the first snowfall, Mokey has to make it up to her by figuring out a way to thaw her out.

Meanwhile, Doc tries to figure out an idea for Ms. Ardath's advertisement for The Captain's Inn.

Fraggle FactsEdit


  • In this episode, Ma Gorg mentions her mother, Queen Esmerelda.

Supporting castEdit


Video releasesEdit

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