Sesame Street
Plot Telly presents the sponsors
Air date December 29, 1992
Season Season 24 (1992-1993)
Sponsors G, X, 7


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Picture Segment Description

SCENE Snuffy returns to the Fix-It Shop to pick up Alice, who was left in Maria's care. Maria reports she was able to teach Alice to count, which surprises Snuffy; he's never been able to do that (believing she's too young). Maria demonstrates as she and Alice count to 10 in Spanish. Snuffy is so impressed, he also wants to learn.

SCENE Big Bird finishes painting a chair, while Slimey watches. He has a WET PAINT sign handy so nobody ruins the paint. However, he can't find a place to put it; if it goes on the chair, it could ruin the paint. Slimey has an idea and fetches his airplane, circling the area while waving a "WET PAINT" flag behind him.
SCENE Telly Monster plans to talk about one of today's letters, G, and is caught by surprise when the actual letter appears. The gabby G starts talking about herself, not letting Telly get in a single word.

SCENE Telly now drags in a giant number 7 to help talk about it, but accidentally drops it onto the ground, shattering it. Telly relays his woes to Gordon, who points out that the broken 7 can still help - it's now in 7 different pieces.
SCENE cont'd Telly gives a heartfelt speech about how much time and effort went into making that number 7, while a fox provides some melancholy back-up violin music. Gordon reveals he's now fixed the 7, with the fox's help (he happened to have some glue with him). Telly, feeling much better now, requests some happy music from the fox.
SCENE While the fox plays the "Sesame Street Theme" on saxophone, Maria, Telly and Big Bird announce the sponsors. Telly then tips over under the weight of the 7, smashing it once more.

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