The Animal Show
Written by Jim Lewis, Jocelyn Stevenson
Director Peter Harris

Andrew the Reindeer


Stinky the Skunk suspects that the arctic guests might have a connection with Santa Claus.


  • Opening
  • That's Amazing: 
  • Guest: Sasha the Siberian Tiger
  • Baby Talk: Reindeer mother and calf
  • Song: "Snow"
  • Rodent Report: Rhonda asks a pug dog (Pavlov) a question "Which animal is closely related to a reindeer?"
  • Yves St. La Roache:
  • Guest: Andrew the Reindeer
  • Song: Mavis sings "You'll Never See a Reindeer on the Beach"
  • Animal Awards: The worlds biggest cat
  • Story:
  • Habitat Time: Siberia
  • Rodent Report: Rhonda asks a vulture a question "Which cat lives in the snow?"
  • Closing


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