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Episode 301: Pigerella

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Muppet Babies
Air Date September 13, 1986
Written by Jeffrey Scott
301 Pigerella

The Babies get hungry, and with the exception of Baby Piggy, Scooter and Skeeter sneak some snacks out of the refrigerator. Piggy, not wanting them to get in trouble, tries to sneak the snacks back but gets caught, and her punishment is to clean the kitchen. While cleaning, she imagines herself as Cinderella. Eventually, the others confess to Nanny, and Piggy is exonerated.


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  • Although Baby Bunsen and Baby Beaker appear in Piggy's fantasy sequence, they don't appear in the "real" sequences of this episode.
  • The first episode with Dave Coulier taking over the role of Baby Animal and Baby Bunsen as well as Frank Welker taking over as Skeeter.
  • The music during the episode title card is now different.
  • When Piggy is shown barefoot in close up, she doesn't have pig hooves, but rather a somewhat deformed human foot. Miss Piggy dosen't have toes in her adult days now.

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