Sesame Street
Plot Merry is LOUD!
Air date November 20, 1992
Season Season 24 (1992-1993)
Sponsors D, U, 7


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Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN Chicago the Lion joins Merry Monster as she introduces the sponsors for today. She also mentions another topic of the day - quiet and loud. She speaks very quietly, then so loud it scares Chicago away.
SCENE 1 Merry explains what just happened to Big Bird and is confused why Chicago ran off. She re-enacts her yelling, scaring Big Bird off too.
Cartoon A hippo who lives in the country, and likes it quiet, is disturbed when a mouse, who likes it loud, moves in.
Artist: Jeff Hale
(EKA: Episode 1452)
SCENE 2 Chicago and Big Bird explain to Merry why they ran away. She promises not to speak so loudly again, but does it once more to make sure it's the thing they don't want her doing. The two are frightened away once more.
Muppets Tim Robbins and Elmo talk about surprise.

Muppets / Cast Luis reads the kids "The Story of the Princess." A prince happens upon a sleeping princess, but finds no successful way of waking her up. He recalls the Sleeping Beauty method and kisses her, which wakes her up, but also turns him into a frog.
Muppets Guy Smiley hosts "What's Prairie's Problem?" in which contestants try to figure out why Prairie Dawn can't use one of her senses (i.e., which part of her face is covered).
(EKA: Episode 2484)
Muppets "Fat Cat"
(First: Episode 0536)

Insert Lillian stops at the Fix-it Shop to pick up her radio. She and Luis notice Barkley sleeping, and wonder what he's dreaming about. In Barkley's dream sequence, he sleeps in a field, when he hears some kids calling for him to play frisbee with them. One of the kids throws it high up into the air, and in slow motion, Barkley chases it and catches it in mid-air. He feels so happy as the kids play with him in the grass. Luis and Lillian wake Barkley up, and he feels disappointed that his good dream is over.
(First: Episode 2969)
Muppets Cerrado with Maria and an Anything Muppet (part 1). He sings a song about how everything is Cerrado, and at the end Maria gives him an Abierto sign, which opens everything in the house.
Muppets Abierto with Maria and an Anything Muppet (part 2). Now he sings a similar song about Abierto, and Maria's Cerrado sign closes everything.
Cartoon A loud-voiced girl talks about her dog, Pete.
Artist: Bruce Cayard
(EKA: Episode 1453)
SCENE 3 Gina finds Baby Bear in a football uniform. Today, he's playing with Merry instead of Goldilocks. Merry shows up in her baseball uniform. They cry out "Uh-oh!" and dash off, returning with the opposite sport outfit. They go back and forth doing this, explaining to Gina it's a game they're playing - the UH-OH Game.
Muppets Ernie and Bert: Ernie comes from finishing his bath, and tells Bert that there's something that he forgot. Bert asks if he's washed behind his ears, his neck, and his elbows. Finally, Ernie remembers that he forgot to turn off the water in the tub -- as the water level rises.
(First: Episode 0277)
SCENE 4 Baby Bear and Merry continue to play, as Gina tries to explain the concept to Maria. Big Bird announces the sponsors.

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