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Episode 2997

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Sesame Street
Plot Gordon Plays the Flute in Bob's Band
Air date April 28, 1992
Season Season 23 (1991-1992)
Sponsors 8
  • Bob tells the viewer that he and the kids are about to start band rehearsal, but they're waiting for Gordon to show up. Gordon has got something else to do, so he instructs Monty to tell Bob that he is coming, but he is going to be late. Monty tries to memorize what Gordon told him in his head, but Bob and the kids can't understand what he's talking about. They then suddenly realize that Monty's message is "Gordon is coming, but he's going to be late." A monster then passes by with a number 8 and is revealed that his name is Ordon. Monty and Ordon walk off, scatting to "Ordon is coming, but he's going to have an eight."
  • Film: A girl likes to pretend she can fly. (EKA: Episode 2977)

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