Sesame Street
Plot Mumford's dancing spell
Air date February 20, 1992
Season Season 23 (1991-1992)
Sponsors E, Q, 0


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Picture Segment Description

SCENE 1 Mumford watches Savion tap dance as he prepares for his latest trick. He wants to tap dance, but doesn't want to go through the years of practice. With a "A la peanut butter sandwiches - shuffle shuffle step!," everyone but Savion starts dancing and can't stop. Mumford goes consults his magic book.

SCENE 2 Everyone is still dancing, so Gina decides to call a magician on the phone. She finds "Gregory the Great" in the phone book and Gordon summons him with the magic words - "A la sweet potato pie - house call!" Gregory the Great (Gregory Hines) his bathtub. He says he'll help as soon as someone gets him a towel.
SCENE 3 Gregory states he and Mumford were friends at magic school and shows off his wand - a comb. He tries reversing the spell, causing everyone to stop dancing. But now, Gregory can't stop dancing.
SCENE 4 Big Bird suggests Gregory use a spell to make himself stop or get another magician to fix it. Gregory won't do either; he likes tap dancing, so he doesn't mind.
SCENE 5 Savion wants to learn some steps from Gregory, but he's too tried. He tries stopping himself with magic, but it doesn't work. Flo Bear appears, saying nothing's as powerful as the written word. She writes the word "STOP" and Gregory stops! After a break, he shows Savion some steps.
SCENE 6 Savion and Gregory do the "Opposite Dance," tap-dancing in opposite ways.

SCENE 7 Mumford returns and sees everyone's not under the spell anymore. He decides to learn from Savion, one step at a time. Flo Bear announces the sponsors.

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