Sesame Street
Plot Big Bird's Yellow Ambition Concert Tour!
Air date February 5, 1992
Season Season 23 (1991-1992)
Sponsors D, M, 3


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Picture Segment Description

SCENE 1 Prairie Dawn, armed with a microphone, interrupts the opening theme song for an important message from "Sesame Street Tonight": Big Bird is about to begin his "Yellow Ambition Rock Concert Tour"!


SCENE 1 cont'd Big Bird introduces who he'll be bringing: his back-up singers (the Tweet-Along Little Birdies) and a giant rock (which Telly carries). Big Bird explains that his tour will go everywhere, and with a map, he describes the route: first the Fix-It Shop, then Hooper's Store, and finally at the bus stop.

SCENE 2 Big Bird and his group go over what they need for their tour: the microphone, Big Bird's costume, the back-up singers, and the rock. Telly points out the two things they left out: music and songs.

SCENE 3 Big Bird has finished the music, and tells the band it's time to rehearse. Telly asks that if he can pretend to hold the rock since it's only a rehearsal, but Big Bird says that everything has to be perfect, so he has to carry the rock. The back-up singers can't seem to get in the right place (behind him), forcing Telly to be in immense pain.

SCENE 4 At the Fix-It Shop, Luis is puzzled to hear an announcer call out Big Bird's Yellow Ambition Tour. Big Bird welcomes his audience (Luis), and performs "The Rock Song".

SCENE 5 At Hooper's Store, Luis tells Mr. Handford about Big Bird's concert. Big Bird enters (after his announcer's introduction) and gives his biggest fan, Luis, a shout-out. He introduces his next number: his first one was a rock song, so his next song is a rock and roll song! The band performs "You Cannot Eat a Rock", about how he receives a roll from a baker. Telly now has to carry the roll and the rock.

SCENE 6 Luis waits at the bus stop, and once again finds himself the audience of Big Bird's rock concert. The band performs "Gimme Some Rock 'n Roll" with a clock and a sock (and camera effects). Telly is once again forced to provide visual aids. When the song is over, Big Bird hounds the "stage" and takes a bow, causing Luis to miss his bus.

SCENE 7 Big Bird announces that the tour is over. As the back-up singers leave, Big Bird helps Telly put down his rock. Big Bird notices how heavy it is, as Telly comments, "They shouldn't call it rock music--they should call it BOULDER music!!" Telly refuses to do any more rock-carrying for the next tour. Big Bird assures him that there won't be any more rock-carrying next time; instead, they'll be doing heavy metal. Telly faints, as Luis tells the sponsors.


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