Sesame Street
Plot Speedy van Gough paints a mural
Air date January 15, 1992
Season Season 23 (1991-1992)

Speedy van Gough (Robert Townsend) paints a new mural on the side of Hooper's Store, much to the amazement of Telly, Oscar, Bruno, Gina, Bob, Mr. Handford and The Count.


  • This episode was written by Nancy Sans.
  • The original mural on Hooper's was noticeably fading as the series went on. Thus, in a previous season, the mural would be painted over brick by brick following each show taping until it became a brick wall. The producers wished to add a new mural and Sans volunteered to write an episode around it. "Speedy van Gough" was originally intended to be a Muppet character.

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