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Sesame Street
Plot Elmo borrows Radar from Big Bird.
Air date April 18, 1991
Season Season 22 (1990-1991)
Sponsors V, Y, 18
  • Animation: Abstract #18
  • Animation: Planet Y/y.
  • Director Kermit is making a western film with Forgetful Jones as the star. Forgetful is supposed to enter through the saloon doors and shout, "Everybody freeze!" Of course, he forgets this, and instead enters under, around and over the doors. He gets the line right for the first three takes, but when he finally goes through the doors: "Everybody ... frolic!" (EKA: Episode 2620)
  • Film: A child in a classroom draws a picture of her dog Puck, and goes over the care required to keep a pet. A Bert and Baby Fozzie plush can be seen in the little girl's bedroom.

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