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Episode 2834

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Sesame Street
Plot Open stage night at Birdland
Air date March 14, 1991
Season Season 22 (1990-1991)
Sponsors 4
  • While Ernie is away visiting the Count, Bert has the place all to himself...or so he thinks! A group of sheep burst into the room and proceed to sing him a song ("Bert's Blanket") about how his blanket was made (with a flashback scene where Ernie is portrayed as a rancher). Bert then corrects them on the actual production phase. (EKA: Episode 2574)
  • Forgetful Jones is about to eat a sandwich Clementine made him, when he observes a cowboy who looks just like him in the mirror. He invites him to lunch. He goes into the kitchen to tell Clementine to make another sandwich for a special cowboy. She is all confused until she realizes that's just his reflection. Upon learning this, a disheartened Forgetful wonders who he will eat the second sandwich with, and Clementine reminds him of someone within earshot. Forgetful then opens the door to let Buster eat the sandwich and asks Clementine if she'd like to join them.

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