Sesame Street
Plot Elmo and the Beanstalk
Air date February 28, 1991
Season Season 22 (1990-1991)
Sponsors G, L, 6


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Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN Elmo (And The Beanstalk) announces he will be climbing a beanstalk today, as well as taking to some string beans (who make sure they're mentioned).
SCENE 1 Elmo welcomes the viewer and Mike begins to read the story of "Jack and the Beanstalk," but Elmo tells more of the story than Mike does. After Mike finishes "reading", Elmo runs off to find some magic beans, so he can climb a beanstalk and get some "gooolllden eggs."
SCENE 2 Big Bird helps Elmo plant the beans he got from Gina so he can climb to the sky and get 6 golden eggs (and split the spoils with Mike and Gina). Big Bird puts the beans in the pot and waters them and they both move away to let it grow, but nothing happens. Since it's a cloudy day, the sun won't shine on the beans to make them grow. Elmo is disappointed, until Big Bird suggests he imagine climbing a beanstalk.
SCENE 2 cont'd Elmo imagines the beanstalk fully grown and begins to climb it.
SCENE 2 cont'd Meanwhile, in reality, Big Bird watches Elmo moving his arms and chanting "Climb" in a daze and hopes he has enough energy to make it to the top.
SCENE 3 Still imagining, Elmo continues to climb and wishes there were an easier way to get to the top. He gets an idea he could fly...

SCENE 3 cont'd Elmo begins to soar through the sky singing "Elmo Can Fly" with two birds, who tell him the stalk's too high to fly up.
SCENE 3 cont'd Back on the street, Big Bird continues watching Elmo climb and wonders if he ever considered flying up the stalk.
SCENE 4 Oscar discovers Elmo panting in front of his can and tells him to go away, but he doesn't respond. He blares his (broken) horn, rattles his noisemaker and plays his bongos, but with no success. Once he learns from Big Bird what he's doing, he hangs up some signs that forbid imagination and beanstalks, but they do nothing too. Oscar gives up, while Elmo snickers to the camera.
SCENE 5 Elmo is still "climbing". Big Bird is sure he's near the top by now.
SCENE 5 cont'd Elmo runs into some string beans, who tell him he's close to the top. Once he is gone, one bean wonders if they should have mentioned the giant.
Imagination Rain
Cartoon "Imagination Rain"
(EKA: Episode 0827)
SCENE 6 Elmo finally makes it to the top of the stalk, where a sleeping giant (Mike) lays. He finds the chicken and and has her lay one more egg so that her carton will have the six "gooolllden eggs" he needs. The chicken's squawking awakes the giant. Elmo flees without learning the giant wanted to say "Hi."
SCENE 6 cont'd Elmo slides down the side of the crate, which Big Bird interprets as him sliding down the beanstalk.
SCENE 7 In Hooper's Store, Elmo shares his story with everyone. He then orders some string beans with "gooolllden eggs".
SCENE 7 cont'd Oscar's upset to see the pot is still there, so he tries imagining the sponsors in its place, with no luck.


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