Sesame Street
Plot Waiting for Hooper's to re-open
Air date January 17, 1991
Season Season 22 (1990-1991)
Sponsors M, Y, 7


This episode guide has been compiled from incomplete video material.
Picture Segment Description
SCENE In the evening, Telly waits outside the in-repair Hooper's Store with Mr. Handford. Telly passes the time until its completion by imagining what the store will be like once it re-opens. He's elated when his imagination becomes reality, when Maria and Luis report that their work in finished and the store is now ready to re-open.
Cartoon Rap #7
(EKA: Episode 2506)
Muppets Oscar sings "Just Throw It My Way."
Cartoon An elephant asks Nesbitt for directions to the zoo, but won't listen to him long enough.
Artist: Janet Perlman
Celebrity Blair Underwood swings Elmo sixteen times.
Cartoon Zork lands on the coast of California, where he meets a slick agent.
Artist: ArtistMike
(EKA: Episode 2687)
Film A blind boy narrates his day. He reads braille, adds with an abacus, and plays in the playground with his friends.
(EKA: Episode 1762)
Cartoon An elephant, a zebra, a hedgehog, an ostrich, a frog and a ladybug create a rhythm with their footsteps.
SCENE Telly is excited to enter the new Hooper's Store, sit on the new stools at the new counter and order some new milkshakes. Mr. Handford tells him that he can't open the store right away - he needs to organize some things and will have a grand opening tomorrow. Telly freaks out and tries to forget about the more waiting he has to do, as Luis announces the sponsors.

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