Sesame Street
Plot Elmo in Numberland
Air date April 26, 1990
Season Season 21 (1989-1990)
Sponsors D, H, 1 through 10


This episode guide has been compiled from incomplete video material.
Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Elmo shows Maria a new book he's written: "Elmo in Numberland." In the story, a little red monster wants to know where all the numbers live, so he visits Numberland. He first comes across the House of One and sees inside...
Cartoon Hortense beats one drum.
Artist: Michael Sporn
(EKA: Episode 2623)
SCENE 1 cont'd Next, Elmo comes across a large clock with two doors, all branded with the number 2. Out come two Uncle Wallys, who tell him it's a "two-two clock."
SCENE 1 cont'd Back in reality, Elmo explains to Maria that his character found where he was going by climbing over to the next page. Elmo is about to continue, but Maria suggests they watch this first...
Muppets / Celebrity Joe Williams sings "The Birdland Jump."
(EKA: Episode 2412)
Animation Where do the Ds fit?
(EKA: Episode 2256)
Pigeon Book
Muppets Ernie and Bert: Ernie doesn't think pigeons are able to laugh at Bert's pigeon jokes, but he's wrong ...
(EKA: Episode 1287)
Song "Litter Rap"
SCENE 2 Maria and Elmo continue reading the story, where Elmo finds himself on the "Name That Three" game show! Elmo has the option of Box #3, Box #3 or Box #3. Elmo chooses box #3 and wins a trio of dancing tigers...
Cartoon Three tigers dance and play music.
SCENE 2 cont'd Elmo leaves the tigers behind (they're having too much fun dancing) and advances onto the "Four Wall." He finds four arrows, all pointing toward a wall and wonders why. Suddenly, something appears...
Cartoon The Funny Four tickles all the people and animals he sees. (edited)
(EKA: Episode 1927)
SCENE 2 cont'd Elmo now finds himself in the "Garden of Five Hiding Flowers," but can't find any flowers at all. Five kids appear as the center of the flowers as Elmo counts them.
SCENE 2 cont'd Maria is impressed with Elmo's story thus far, but she must wait until Elmo returns from the bathroom before they can read any further.
Cartoon A postal worker tells the viewer what the post office is good for.
Artist: Cliff Roberts
(EKA: Episode 0929)
Muppets "Cereal Girl"
(EKA: Episode 2687)
Cartoon A clam tells a fisherman why he's not catching any fish: he pulled all the plants out of the pond.
(EKA: Episode 0851)
Cast Linda signs the word disappear - which Gordon does.
Cartoon Two boys peek into a fire house, and write HAT, HOSE, and HOOK on the window using their breath. Two dogs come by and wonder what a HAT HOSE HOOK is, but their question is answered when the fire truck leaves the station.
Artist: Paul Fierlinger
(EKA: Episode 1575)
Muppets Big Bird walks down the street, describing the difference between the actual street and sidewalks.
(EKA: Episode 2375)
Cartoon Dogs cheer D-O-G and fight with cats.
(EKA: Episode 1148)
Song "Fixin' My Hair"
SCENE 3 Elmo returns and continues reading his story, where he finds himself at the Number Six Laundromat. Inside the dryer, Elmo finds some singing socks...
Cartoon "Six Soccer Socks" (beginning edited)
Artist: Paul Fierlinger
(EKA: Episode 2490)

SCENE 3 cont'd Elmo then comes across a fishbowl, filled with seven singing goldfish. Afterward, Elmo visits the Eight Store and finds the next segment inside...
The "Seven Goldfish" song would subsequently be used as a stand-alone Muppet insert.
Cartoon The Bellhop has to bring 8 steamer trunks down 8 flights of stairs. (new sound effects added)
(EKA: Episode 2600)
SCENE 3 cont'd Elmo now rides atop the Number Nine Train, which heads into a tunnel and finds...
Cartoon The story of an old woman who lived in a nine.
Artist: Bud Luckey
(EKA: Episode 0598)
SCENE 3 cont'd Maria tells Elmo they should watch some more films before they finish the story. Elmo looks forward to the ending, having forgotten how it goes.
Cartoon The Four Squares sing "It's Hip To Be a Square".
Artists: Vincent Cafarelli & Candy Kugel
(EKA: Episode 2615)

Muppets Dicky Tick hosts "Lifestyles of the Big and Little."
(EKA: Episode 2580)
Cartoon An alien comes across a pair of tree trunks; one with multi-colored leaves, the other without. He finds and grows leaves to mount on the other tree, then strings a hammock between the two.
(EKA: Episode 1451)
Cast Linda signs the word "pie," and gets hit with one, to Gordon's surprise.
Film Otters in the zoo
(EKA: Episode 0834)
Muppets Sesame Street News Flash: Kermit the Frog reports from Gepetto's workshop, the home of the world-famous wooden toy Pinocchio. Pinocchio demonstrates how he can make his nose grow longer by telling lies. He tells so many crazy stories that his nose pushes Kermit through the wall.
(EKA: Episode 0878)
Cartoon A man thinks of H words while sitting on a horse.
Artist: Cliff Roberts
(EKA: Episode 1927)
Animation A hand arranges blocks to form benches so a bunny and a chick can have tea.
(EKA: Episode 2453)

SCENE 4 In the final part of the story, Elmo comes across the number 10. Maria doesn't see Elmo in the illustration, that is until Elmo sticks his face into the 0. He offers to read it again, but Maria points out it's time to say goodbye. They both announce the sponsors, which include all the numbers 1 through 10.


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