Sesame Street
Plot Luis cleans the apartment
Air date March 26, 1990
Season Season 21 (1989-1990)
Sponsors P, Z, 13
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Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Elmo and Saydia play with string and Elmo calls out Luis to play with them. Luis can't right now, as he is cleaning the apartment with the Amazing Mumford.
SCENE 1 cont'd Mumford reads a copy of Magic Houskeeping magazine and tries out some tricks to clean up the room instantly. However, he only manages to make the room messier and messier. Luis suggests he quiet while he's ahead and Mumford agrees, leaving the apartment and Luis with the mess.
SCENE 2 Oscar and Grouch photographer Scuzullo get notes and photos of Luis' messy living room for an article in Grouch Housekeeping. The room earns their seal of approval - an actual seal, who starts to mess up the kitchen.
SCENE 3 The room is looking much cleaner and Elmo helps Luis by dusting. He becomes frightened of the vacuum cleaner, believing it's a scary monster. Luis shows him it's not alive and demonstrates how one can turn it on and off. Elmo asks him to do it over and over until it wears out.
SCENE 4 Luis goes to clean the bathroom and discovers Placido Flamingo in his bathtub. The singer is practicing for an opera, "The Bathtub of Seville," and recruits Luis to join in. As Placido sings, Luis scrubs the tub in time to the music, which picks up and up as it goes along. When the song ends, Placido has Luis clean him next.
SCENE 5 Luis wants to take a bath of his own now and finds three men in his tub. He orders them to get out, but they can't figure out the difference between in and out. Mumford returns and performs his famous tub trick. The trick gets the three men out, but puts Luis (still fully dressed) in.
Animation P for Pyramid
(EKA: Episode 2061)
SCENE 6 Luis joins Elmo and the kids out in the arbor, finished cleaning and ready to play. Elmo wants to play pretend and have them all imagine cleaning Luis' apartment! Luis sits it out as Mumford announces the sponsors.

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