Sesame Street
Plot Ruby experiments with eyes
Air date December 22, 1989
Season Season 21 (1989-1990)
Directed by Jon Stone
Sponsors K, R, 9
This episode guide is missing segments cut from a PBS pledge broadcast.


Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Maria comes to Ruby, ready to participate in her experiment. However, Ruby doesn't have one planned, but she's thinking. Soon, their friend Mike appears, who's blind. Ruby is amazed he was able to identify them without look and is introduced to his guide dog. Ruby suddenly gets an idea for her experiment...
Cartoon Rap #9
(EKA: Episode 2572)

Muppets On Vacation with Guy Smiley
Guy Smiley and his tour guide have difficulty taking pictures of animals in the jungle because of Guy's uncontrollably loud voice. A tiger recognizes him, and offers to take a picture of him and some other animals. "Say TREES!"
(EKA: Episode 2390)
Film A gemsbok runs fast, then faster.
Music: Joe Raposo
(EKA: Episode 0898)
Cartoon David reminds a boy to wash his face and brush his teeth before going to bed.
(EKA: Episode 2447)
SCENE 2 Ruby is blindfolded and will see what it's like being blind, noting how dark it is. She plans on making her way to Hooper's Store without sight, but Maria points out she'd need a guide dog. So, she has Maria guide her to the store while barking.
K for kite
Cartoon K for Kite
(EKA: Episode 0811)
Muppets Ernie is tossing and turning in bed. He sings to the viewers how he feels "When Bert's Not Here."
(EKA: Episode 2208)
Film A girl visits the stamp factory to see how stamps are made.
(EKA: Episode 2283)
Cartoon A playground is destroyed by bad weather, and a teacher has her class rebuild it from memory.
(EKA: Episode 1453)
SCENE 3 Maria watches as Ruby tries to figure out her surroundings while wearing a blindfold. By feeling around, she's able to find out Snuffy is standing next to her and that she's at a table outside Hooper's Store. Snuffy and Maria both feel hungry, which givers her an idea about another experiment...
Cartoon Big, bigger and biggest elephants
(EKA: Episode 1220)
Muppets Muppet & Kid Moment: Cookie Monster has Tara help him explain the word information by giving him cookies to eat.
(EKA: Episode 2589)
Film Fay Ray moves clockwise and ticks, until an alarm sounds.
Cartoon Billy Jo Jive: After Bad News Barton fails to make the swimming team, Billy and Smart Suzie teach him to eat healthier.
(EKA: Episode 1733)
SCENE 4 Ruby's next experiment is to find out what her lunch is without looking. Using her sense of touch, smell and taste, she finds out she has a tuna fish sandwich with chips and milk.
Cartoon The Typewriter: R for Rope
Artist: Jeff Hale
(EKA: Episode 0901)
Muppets After fighting with each other, the Two-Headed Monster reads the word "Love" and forgets their feud.
(EKA: Episode 1282)
Cartoon One cube plus two equals three. Three cubes plus two equals five.
(EKA: Episode 2455)

SCENE 5 After lunch, Ruby isn't sure what to experiment with next. Maria hears a piano playing and has Ruby try to guess what's happening by listening to the noises. Ruby hears some honking too and deduces Bob is giving a music lesson to someone playing the horn. She calls to him from below and finds out she's partially correct; he's giving a lesson to the Honkers.
Cartoon A vaudeville act of two SAME people ends when one of them falls off the stage.
(EKA: Episode 0840)
Muppets As Bert takes a nap, Ernie tells the viewer how he knows that Bert is asleep - thus waking Bert up, just to tell him it's time for his nap.
(First: Episode 0027)
Film A look at how families do chores both on a farm and in the city.
(First: Episode 2226)
Cartoon R for rose
(EKA: Episode 2363)
SCENE 6 Bob and the Honkers perform their scales, increasing the speed each time, but finds they can't do it at a very rapid speed.
Cartoon A boy shares his bubbles with some kids dancing in a field.
(EKA: Episode 1926)
Muppets "African Alphabet Song"
(EKA: Episode 2404)
Film A little girl needs HELP getting on a horse.
(EKA: Episode 1433)
Cartoon Children and animals numbered 1-12 race in a marathon. The #9 runner wins.
(EKA: Episode 0926)
SCENE 7 While Bob and the Honkers play the theme song, Ruby tries to figure out what Maria's written down without looking. Mike returns and Ruby asks how someone who can't see can figure it out. His solution: ask someone to read it. Maria reads the sheet, which features the sponsors.

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