Sesame Street
Plot An artsy day on Sesame Street
Air date April 19, 1989
Season Season 20 (1988-1989)
Sponsors A, Y, 10
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Picture Segment Description

SCENE 1 In the morning, Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus wake up from their sleepover, and notice Ruby nearby, with a blindfold. They learn that she's conducting another experiment: she wants to see if she'll know when the sun comes up, without seeing it come up. They don't think her experiment will work, because you can't hear, smell, or taste the sun, but they start to feel warm, which means the sun is coming up!

SCENE 2 Big Bird and Snuffy get ready to put on a Snufflepuppet show, which Hiroshi helps them out with. Snuffy is confused: why does Hiroshi want to help them with their show, if he mostly works with paint? Hiroshi describes the art of puppetry, and shows them a book with pictures of different kinds of puppets (Big Bird even remembers that Mr. Rogers uses puppets on his show). Snuffy asks him to show the pictures to his Snufflepuppet, Gus.
SCENE 3 The stage is all set up, and Hiroshi, Mr. Macintosh, and some kids wait for the Snufflepuppet show to begin. Big Bird wonders what Hiroshi will contribute to the show, but Hiroshi tells him to wait and see. Gus, the star of the show, jumps 40 times while counting to 40. The show's over, however, so what does Hiroshi do? He leads the audience in throwing confetti in the air.
SCENE 4 The kids hang out in the arbor and draw pictures. Telly Monster joins them, but becomes upset that he doesn't have a green crayon to draw green leaves. Hiroshi suggests that maybe the leaves could be a different color, such as the colors the leaves turn as the seasons change. They become enthusiastic while thinking about the limitless possibilities of their art. Telly considers adding his kite into the picture, but then remembers that his kite is green ...

SCENE 5 Telly shows Oscar the Grouch the picture he drew, and Oscar actually likes it, because the parts of the picture aren't the color they're supposed to be. Telly decides to give Oscar the picture, but grouches don't take kindly to such nice gestures. Oscar changes his mind about the picture, saying it's too nice, which Telly and Hiroshi take as a compliment.

SCENE 6 Ruby is back in Big Bird's nest area, doing another experiment: will she know when the sun's going down without seeing it? The answer is yes - she feels it get colder and darker. Hiroshi announces the sponsors.

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