Sesame Street
Plot Rudder Rabbit visits/Barkley's doghouse
Air date April 5, 1989
Season Season 20 (1988-1989)
Sponsors Q, W, 11
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Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Shelley the Turtle talks to his friend, Rudder Rabbit, on the Hooper's Store payphone. He tells Gina that Rudder will be arriving from 3rd Street any moment. Gina points out how far away the street is and it'd be impossible for him to get to Hooper's so quickly. Sure enough, Rudder bursts through the door a few seconds later. Despite their different speeds, they both are good friends and sing a song about slow and fast.
SCENE 2 Rudder asks Shelly what he wants to do with the rest of the day. Shelly recites his plan, but backwards, so Rudder rushes back and forth with different things (such as swimming gear, a book to read) before Shelly finally says he wants to take a nap first. Rudder rushes off to get his PJs and sees Shelly has fallen asleep, then notes how sometimes, Shelly can get something done before he can.
SCENE 3 Gordon has put together a doghouse for Barkley. A pig mistakes it for a pighouse, then a cow mistakes it for a cowhouse (despite the "DOG" sign on it). Barkley appears to see his new doghouse, when several dogs run out from inside.
SCENE 4 Gordon tells Gina about the pig he saw earlier, when he returns, carrying a large stack of bricks. Two more pigs come by with some sticks and more bricks. Gordon and Gina realize that those must be the Three Little Pigs and see the new brick house they've built. Gordon remembers the cow that was around earlier as well, as two cows pass through carrying lumber.
SCENE 5 The cow touts her new cowhouse (a barn), while the pig faults his house as well.

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