Mopatop's Shop
Written by Sally-Ann Lever
Director Iain McLean

Mopatop opens the episode by offering us a book of magic spells, some tingly bells, or something that smells. Puppyduck suddenly pops up and puts the thing that smells in the dustbin.

In the attic, Moosey Mouse is about to go down to the shop to find something to stop Baby Mouse from crying.

Dusty the Dustman enters the shop and sings about how he would like a load of rubbish. Mopatop says they have no rubbish department, but they have a dustbin with the thing that smells in it. Dusty takes the dustbin and gives his old rubbish to Mopatop.

As Mopatop sets up a rubbish department, Dirty Gerty enters and ask if they have a smelly right sock to match the left one on her hand. Moosey Mouse finds one and is going to put it on his head to cheer up Baby Mouse, but notices that Dirty Gerty needs it. He lets Dirty Gerty take the sock and tries to find something else. Moosey finds a sack of mashed potatoes, but he lets a dog take it to fill his pillow case for a pillow fight with his brother. Finally, Moosey takes some bottle tops, buttons, and an old shoelace to make a rattle and uses it to cheer up Baby Mouse.


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