Sesame Street
Plot The Wide World of Sesame Street covers Linda
Air date February 7, 1989
Season Season 20 (1988-1989)
Sponsors B, L, 11
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Picture Segment Description

SCENE 1 Telly Monster hosts an edition of "The Wide World of Sesame Street" from inside Linda's apartment to watch her and Barkley. Her alarm clock rings, but she is unable to hear it. Fortunately, Barkley can and wakes her up himself. Linda goes to make breakfast, while Barkley pounces on Telly, who throws the program to a break.
SCENE 2 "The Wide World of Sesame Street" continues as Telly waits out in the yard (sitting on the fence) for Linda to do her daily exercises. She and Barkley return from a run, then she does some stretching and jumping jacks. Barkley starts jumping onto the fence, causing Telly to fall off.
SCENE 3 "The Wide World of Sesame Street" resumes, where Telly hides under a bag of hot dog buns on Willy's hot dog cart. He observes Linda buying a hot dog, then going on the stoop to eat it. Barkley looks at it longingly, so she breaks off a piece of the wiener and gives it to him. This winds up happening again and again until all she has left is an empty bun. Barkley trots over to the stand and brings back a whole string of wieners, with an angry Willy following. Linda bashfully gives him some money and the two enjoy their lunch. Telly tries to throw to a break, when Willy catches him hiding in his stand and accuses him of stealing as well.
SCENE 4 In the next part of "The Wide World of Sesame Street," Telly hides out inside the Fix-It Shop, where Linda and Barkley are outside. Linda has Barkley stay with Maria while she does some shopping. Maria, knowing Barkley well enough, doesn't think he will stay, but is surprised when he doesn't run off once her back is turned. The phone starts ringing inside and Maria is unable to get in; Barkley's blocking the doorway! Linda returns and orders him to move and carry her bag home. Maria finally gets inside, but the phone has already hung up. She notices Telly was in there the entire time and asks why he didn't do anything about it.
SCENE 5 Telly concludes his broadcast of "The Wide World of Sesame Street" by reviewing what they've learned about Linda and Barkley today - they live, play, share and work together, so they also love each other. As Linda and Barkley sleep, Telly announces the sponsors.

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