Mother Goose Stories
Willie Winkie title card
Written by David Angus
Director Brian Henson

One night, the Goslings can't sleep on the fear of ghosts, so Mother Goose tells the Goslings the story of Willie Winkie, a friendly ghost.


Wee Willie Winkie is a ghost living with his mother, he must go to bed by 8 or else he will lose his ghostly powers. Among the children he says good night to is a boy named Tom. When his father finds out about Willie, he sets up a plan for Willie to lose his ghostly powers. The next night, Tom's father prepares a feast for Tom and Willie, as a trap for Willie to lose his powers and winds the clock to half past seven. Meanwhile, Willie's mother worries about him, and goes out to town to find him. Tom's father tries to delay Willie from going home and Willie's mother finds him, leaving Tom's father in total shock. The clock is about to strike eight o'clock and Willie must be home before the hour, Tom suggest they try a disappearing trick, which works and Willie is back at home, in bed.


Wee Willie Winkie, Tom, Tom's Father, Wee Willie Winkie's Mother