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Episode 2415

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Sesame Street
Plot Placido falls for Maria
Air date February 5, 1988
Season Season 19 (1987-1988)
Sponsors Q, T, 4

Luis goes out to bring Maria some lunch. Placido Flamingo remarks how un-romantic his exit line was and sings an operatic line he would sing if he was briefly leaving *his* true love. After staring at Maria for a brief moment, he falls in love with her!

At night, Placido begins singing a love song to Maria from outside her window, keeping her and some neighbors up. While she confronts him, the Amazing Mumford arrives with his duck to solve the issue: he'll give the duck Maria's voice so Placido can love the duck. Placido doesn't like the situation and wants Maria. Luis defends Maria and Placido finally backs off.


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