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Episode 2402

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Sesame Street
Plot Maria can't get Irvine to go back to sleep
Air date January 19, 1988
Season Season 19 (1987-1988)
Sponsors C, F, 8

Maria babysits Irvine while she's taking her nap for Oscar, who had to go the Grouch supermarket. Unfortunately for her, the Count wakes Irvine up with his thunder, and she tries to get her to go back to sleep but fails. Biff and Sully (mainly Biff) tell her the story of Cinderella, but this doesn't work either. The Two-Headed Monster plays her a violin lullaby but this doesn't work and they start crying too. Finally, Oscar returns and Maria says "I quit! I give up!". Fortunately, he tells her that there's only one way to get a Grouch baby to go back to sleep. And then, he starts yet another argument with Grundgetta, which immediately puts Irvine back to sleep. He says Grouch babies love to fall asleep to the sound of a good loud argument. They continue arguing while an exasperated Maria announces the sponsors.


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