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*Get It Together ([ lyrics])
*Get It Together
*[[Clean Up the House]]
*[[Clean Up the House]]

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Bear in the Big Blue House
Air Date
Written by P. Kevin Strader
Director Richard A. Fernandes
Theme Cooperation

When Pip and Pop lose a jar lid down a hole, Bear helps them to see how they can cooperate to solve their problem. Bear asks for the viewers' help as he prepares a pie for Doc Hogg. He completely forgot about it and Doc Hogg will be arriving soon. As he gets ready, he overhears Tutter and Treelo. Tutter doesn't want Treelo to be a puppy in his game of "King Tutter the Great," but Bear introduces the two to a game called "The Hound of Yarsburg." The Shadow segment, "Stories of Incredible Opposites," is recycled from "As Different as Day and Night."




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