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Sesame Street
Plot Elmo starts his own Fix-It-Shop
Air date December 25, 1986
Season Season 18 (1986-1987)
Sponsors P, U, 12
  • Elmo enters The Fix-It Shop to tell Maria and Luis he has a sick friend. His friend turns out to be his radio, which won't turn on for him. Luis fixes the loose wire inside it and it begins playing Elmo's favorite music, a Beethoven symphony.
  • Elmo later starts his own Fix-It Shop, where Maria pretends to have an emergency - her popsickle stick is broken in half. Elmo isn't sure how to fix it, so he pretends to be the store manager, then the owner, and ultimately he has his friend Maria fix it.
  • Cartoon: At the Pride Day Ceremony, Donald is waiting to describe his proudest accomplishment, and is initially unsure of himself next to other impressive students. He finally proudly acclaims his achievement, tying his shoes all by himself.
  • Bert is trying to write a letter to Mr. Rogers, but finds it difficult when Ernie operates his electric fan right next to him. Bert blows up at Ernie and says he is "hot and bothered," and Ernie has just the thing for that: more cool air. (EKA: Episode 0573)
  • Cookie Monster comes to the bakery looking for something delicious that rhymes with BUY. He tries the I (from the MIKE'S BAKERY sign) and the baker's TIE, both of which aren't that delicious. Finally, Guy Smiley comes in and loudly announces that he would like to BUY a PIE. Cookie then knows what he can get in the bakery that rhymes with BUY and is delicious: it's GUY! A chase ensues, and Cookie requests for the baker to send him the bill. (EKA: Episode 0817)
  • Muppet & Kid Moments: Kermit, Fanny, and Shola discuss giraffes (leading into a film of real giraffes with music by Joe Raposo). Shola enjoys manhandling Kermit, and jerks his head up and down to demonstrate the concepts of "down and high" (EKA: Episode 1139)
  • Kermit shows what's inside of Herry Monster using an X-ray machine.
  • An Anything Muppet cowboy shouts across a canyon to hear the echo. "Yippee ki-yi-yo!" is repeated back to him perfectly. When he shouts "One!", the echo repeats back, "¡Uno!" The cowboy is startled. "Two!" he shouts, and the echo repeats, "¡Dos!" "You s'pose that's Mexico over there?" he asks. He continues to count to ten, with the echo repeating the numbers back in Spanish. Frustrated, he shouts, "How are you?" "¡Muy bien, gracias!" is the reply. "Oh, this is ridiculous," the cowboy says, and throws his cowboy hat into the canyon. A sombrero is thrown back in return. (EKA: Episode 0698)
  • Elmo is missing the box he needs to reach his typewriter. Oscar (the culprit) gives him clues as to who took it.

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