Bear in the Big Blue House
Premiere December 21, 1998
Written by Mitchell Kriegman
Director Mitchell Kriegman
Theme Confidence
I Gotta Be Me Title Card

"I Gotta Be Me"

One day in the Big Blue House, Bear finds himself trying on new clothes, hoping to come up with a new look. The children of the Big Blue House also try out new looks and learn new things about the world. In the end, everyone decides that it's best to be yourself. In the Shadow segment, Shadow tells the story of Little Jack Horner.



  • Bear dons a grayish sweater and tells us that "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood," an obvious reference to Mister Rogers from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. Some music plays that sounds reminiscent of the theme of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood and he suggests that maybe he should get a pair of sneakers.

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Afraid Not Buggin'

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