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Episode 214: The Secret of Convincing John

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Fraggle Rock
Air Date April 2, 1984
Written by B.P. Nichol
Director George Bloomfield

Wembley's indecisiveness leads to an accident, so Gobo encourages him to go to Convincing John -- the world's most persuasive Fraggle -- to learn how to be more decisive. Convincing John teaches Wembley self-confidence, but the new Wembley (renaming himself "Wilfred") is a bossy, obnoxious Fraggle who turns off all his friends.

Meanwhile, Doc tries to fix his pipes when no water is coming through.

Fraggle Facts

  • Convincing John is prepared for anything. When he helps Wembley, he even pulls out a 50-year-old Doozer stick from the legendary Tooth Tower, a tower so sweet that it had to be locked away because it drove Fraggles crazy, and a slice of mossmelon, the rarest and sweetest fruit in Fraggle Rock that can only be harvested every hundred years.


  • The lyrics for "The Clown Concerto" and "A Tiger and a Terror" were written by the episode's writer, B.P. Nichol.

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