Fraggle Rock
Air Date April 2, 1984
Written by B.P. Nichol
Director George Bloomfield

Opening title card from the UK version.

Wembley's indecisiveness leads to an accident, so Gobo encourages him to go to Convincing John -- the world's most persuasive Fraggle -- to learn how to be more decisive. Convincing John teaches Wembley self-confidence, but the new Wembley (renaming himself "Wilfred") is a bossy, obnoxious Fraggle who turns off all his friends.

Meanwhile, Doc tries to fix his pipes when no water is coming through.

Fraggle Facts

  • Convincing John is prepared for anything. When he helps Wembley, he even pulls out a 50-year-old Doozer stick from the legendary Tooth Tower, a tower so sweet that it had to be locked away because it drove Fraggles crazy, and a slice of mossmelon, the rarest and sweetest fruit in Fraggle Rock that can only be harvested every hundred years.


  • The lyrics for "The Clown Concerto" and "A Tiger and a Terror" were written by the episode's writer, B.P. Nichol.

Supporting cast


Video releases

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