The Furchester Hotel
Air date November 17, 2016
Writer Ciaran Murtagh and Andrew Jones
Director Simon Gibney

Tonight, famous sheep-singer Baa-Baa will be performing at the Furchester. Elmo and Phoebe are big fans and show Baa Baa some of their singing vocals. She invites the two to join her tonight. To make sure no one misses out, Funella has Furgus put in even more stage lights. Harvey P. Dull also has Cookie Monster move his favorite chair to the front row, also being a big fan of Baa Baa. Meanwhile, Funella checks in the Glowmings, a family of fireflies.

The concert begins and Funella requests one more light. Furgus doesn't think the hotel power supply will take it, but complies to his wife's demands. Sure enough, the entire hotel loses electricity as soon as he plugs a light in. He's unable to fix it right away, having trouble finding his way in the dark and getting dragged around by the Tea Time Monsters. He instead realizes they can use one of his inventions - the Peddle Powered Power Pumper. Cookie Monster volunteers to operate it, but gets tired quickly. Funella incentives him by dangling a cookie in front of him, but this provides too much power and the machine breaks down.

The Glowmings, thinking the entire hotel has gone dark to accommodate them, go downstairs to thank the Furchesters. They realize the fireflies provide light and can light up the stage. Furgus is able to fix the power, but everyone prefers the ambiance of the firefly-light concert.



  • Baa-Baa is recycled from the Ovejita puppet. Additionally, the Glowmings are modified versions of the Pesties.

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