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Episode 20: Amal's Glasses

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Iftah Ya Simsim
Air date 2015
Releases YouTube (YouTube)

Amal's Glasses is the 20th episode of the 2015 reboot of Iftah Ya Simsim

Picture Segment Description
Opening sequence
Shams tries to figure out why Amal looks different. She's wearing glasses! No'man takes a few guesses to get it right, when he arrives. He returns wearing sunglasses.
SCENE 1 cont'd (Song)
Song, including Melsoon and the chickens wearing glasses
Film Asking kids how old they are, and other questions
Song featuring No'man and the kids. The chickens appear on the play structure, as does a bird that looks like Arthur or Birdie. The video screen with Bert, Ernie, Cookie, Elmo, and Grover join in.
Muppets Elmo talks with a chicken, they make clucking sounds together.
Muppets Ernie brings a fruit, possibly a prickly pear, to Bert's table. Bert isn't eager to try the food.
Muppets Elmo and the chicken continue clucking.
Muppets Elmo is unsuccessful making a basket; Abby lowers the basket through magic. Another spell makes Elmo fly in for a dunk, and get trapped on the hoop. Elmo insists to Elmo that he wants to make the basket by himself; Abby uses a spell to conjure up cheerleading pom-poms, and Elmo makes the basket.
Muppets Elmo and the chicken; they flap their arms and wings.
No'man talks to the assembled kids sitting on the ground. They then head to Amal's school.
Amal reads an animated story to the students, about a chicken.
Grover shakes a tambourine, possibly to announce the end of the episode.
Clip reel
Clip reel
Closing credits

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