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Fraggle Rock
Air Date February 13, 1984
Written by Jocelyn Stevenson
Director George Bloomfield

When the traveling Minstrels make another visit, Mokey decides she's always wanted to be a Minstrel, too. She takes off with the Minstrels, but Cantus, their cryptic leader, makes her doubt that she really has the dedication to follow this path.

Meanwhile, Doc buys himself a saxophone and takes lessons from its instructions.

Fraggle Facts

  • There are four Minstrels who follow Cantus, but it's possible for other Fraggles to join as well. To become a Minstrel, they need to have ability and dedication, as well as the patience to put up with Cantus' tests.


  • There's another Jim Henson reference in this episode: Cantus instructs Mokey in the way of the Minstrels, telling her that "All is all. Is is." This line, a parody of '60s-style cosmic wisdom, was intoned by the Monk (Jerry Nelson) in Henson's 1969 experimental TV program, The Cube.

Supporting cast


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