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Episode 201: The Cat in the Hat Takes a Nap

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The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss
Air Date August 17, 1997
Written by Stephanie Simpson
Director Emily Squires, David Gumpel

In the Cat's Playhouse, Terrence McBird is cranky because he refuses to take a "cat nap." Will the Cat, Sam-I-Am and the Little Cats be able to help? In the Wubbulous World, Sarah Hall-Small encounters the scary-looking Yapper-Nap, who frightens everyone in Seussville, but he's actually just sleepy. We also see what our friends in the Wubbulous World dream about.


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The Grinch Meets His Max / Halfway Home To Malamaroo The Cat in the Hat Cleans Up His Act

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