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Episode 201: A Big Bird Surprise

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The Furchester Hotel
Air date October 31, 2016

When Elmo's friend Big Bird comes to stay at the Furchester, finding him a place to sleep becomes a big problem. Elmo and Phoebe show Big Bird to his room, the Nest Suite, but Big Bird is far too big for the nest. Elmo and Phoebe suggest he have a sleep-over in their room instead, but he’s too big for their bunk bed too. Things start to look up when Big Bird finally falls asleep in Harvey P. Dull’s favourite chair, but the lobby is far too noisy when the teatime monsters run past on their way to tea. It’s a total catastrophe! With no place for Big Bird to sleep, it’s time for the Furchesters to put their furry heads together and think of a solution.

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