Mopatop's Shop
Written by Jocelyn Stevenson
Director Simon Spencer

Mopatop opens the episode by offering something soft, something loud, or a fluffy white cloud.

In the Mouse family's loft, Mother Mouse wants a fish for her bowl of water. Moosey Mouse goes to see if Mopatop has one, but he could not find one. Just then, Mr. Fisher enters the shop and Mopatop tells him that he can get anything he can think or dream at this shop. Mr. Fisher asks for a fishing rod, a chair, and a river to sit by. After Puppyduck and Mopatop show him different fishing rods, chairs, and rivers, Mr. Fisher is happy with his selections and agrees that the shop has everything he wants. Then Mr. Fisher asks for a fish, but Puppyduck cannot find one. As Puppyduck and Mopatop search the store for one, Moosey hears the sound of a river in a box and says that fish live in rivers. Moosey then climbs on a chair with a fishing rod and uses it to catch a fish in the box. At that moment, Moosey feels a tug on the fishing rod and a fish pops up from the box. Mr. Fisher sees the fish in the box and decides to give it to Mopatop and Puppyduck for their shop. Mr. Fisher has his objects wrapped up in gift paper and Moosey decides to take some flowers to put in the bowl of water.


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