The Furchester Hotel
Air date March 26, 2016
Writer Michael Goldberg
Director Jack Jameson

The Furchster Hotel will be featuring an exclusive performance by the Lamp Stampers, a lamb dance trio. However, Cookie Monster receives a call on the lobby phone, telling the Furchesters the act has to cancel. Elmo and Phoebe report to the group's leader, who tells them that his two partners have come down with a case of "dance fever" and can't perform. He sees how well the two monsters can do the group's dance and uncancels, putting them into the act for the night.

The lead lamb teaches the monsters the steps for the show, but Elmo messes up part of the final dance. He leaves, upset he can't do the step. Furgus runs into him and convinces him to keep trying; Furchesters never give up! He even offers to teach Elmo the move, using his "slower than slow" dance method.

Phoebe and the head lamb catch up with Elmo and Furgus, who impress them with their dance moves. At the show, the monsters don lamb costumes and perform their routine to the responsive crowd.


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