Mopatop's Shop
Written by Sally-Ann Lever
Director Simon Spencer
Warm Snow

Warm Snow

Mopatop opens the episode by offering a nice warm heater, an A Waker Shaker or a nice long roll of paper. Moosey Mouse quickly goes down to the shop to fetch the paper, so that he can make a nice snowflake for his wall.

Dotty Monster enters the shop looking for a nice cold snowy day, Mopatop takes her over to the weather department, while Puppyduck goes to find some winter clothes for her. Mopatop manage to find the snowy day box and pulls up a bag of snow for Dotty, afterwards Puppyduck gives her the correct clothes. Above the shop Moosey are making a mess with his paper snowflake project.

Dotty returns with her bag of snow, she thinks the snow are to cold. She really want to get some warm snow, but don't think that will be possible. Mopatop then begins a song about that he will do what he can to help her with her request. Puppyduck decides to try and warm the snow, however Mopatop don't think that will be a good idea but she decides to try it anyway. But all she ends up with are water. Meanwhile Moosey has finished his paper snowflake, and small paper pieces starts falling down to the shop like snow. Dotty are excited theres warm snow.


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