Mopatop's Shop
Written by Karen Wallace
Director Simon Spencer

Mopatop opens the episode by offering a cup of tee, a giggling flee or a canary busy in a tree. It turns out that the canary are busy building the best nest in the west.

Puppyduck reminds Mopatop that today are the day where they are sorting out the weather department, so she has brought a umbrella for the rainy day box, sunglasses for the sunny day box and a scarf for the snowy day box. They start to sort the various weather types and puts them into the correct boxes. Mopatop finds a container that he are not sure about, Puppyduck thinks it might be some wind but she decides to open it to check. The wind escapes the container and starts to blow everything around in the shop. Mopatop tries to catch the wind, but are unable to catch it. Meanwhile Moosey Mouse are happy to see the wind, he quickly gets his kite.

The wind are ruining the canary's nest, but Mopatop ensures the canary that he will catch the wind this time with his net, but once again the wind escapes. A customer enters the shop, but before he says anything the wind takes off with his hat. After Puppyduck catches the hat, the customer decides to come back later when they have caught the wind. Another customer enters the shop and starts to sing a song about falling into a puddle and her dress got all wet. After the song the wind blows the dress dry. Penny Pig decides to take the wind with her home, in case she should fall in another puddle, so she catches it in her purse.


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