The Furchester Hotel
Air date May 25, 2015
Writer Steve Cannon
Director Helen Scott
Songs "Nobody Has a Hat Like That"

Today, the Furchester is celebrating "Nobody Has a Hat Like That Day" and everyone has a unique hat on. Elmo learns about the hat celebration as everyone sings about it. He wants to participate, but the hat he chooses is the same as another guest's. Phoebe brings him into the office to find a more unique hat. Meanwhile, Funella deals with a monster woman, who's waiting for her hat to be delivered (blue with three bananas and feathers). Air mail drops off another hat box, which Funella assumes is the woman's. She asks Furgus to deliver it.

Phoebe and Elmo emerge from the office, with Elmo now sporting bunny ears on his hat. However, the Tea Time Monsters barge through, all wearing hats with bunny ears. The monster woman complains the hat she was delivered isn't hers; it's missing one banana. Funella takes Harvey P. Dull's hat, which has three bananas, but it's missing a feather.

Elmo and Phoebe come from the office again, adding a cookie to Elmo's hat. Cookie Monster, however, is wearing the same exact thing. He tries to fix the issue by eating the cookie from Elmo's hat. When the front desk phone rings, Phoebe gets inspired and adds the receiver to Elmo's hat. Elmo buzzes around the lobby because of the ringing and crashes into Furgus, carrying more hat boxes. The right one lands on the monster woman's head, while the hat box land's on Elmo's, making the perfect, unique hat.


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Monster Glue Hotel Helper

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