Mopatop's Shop
Written by Sally-Ann Lever
Director Tom Poole

Mopatop opens the episode by offering some pink spaghetti, some confetti or a flower called Betty.

A hip Bee comes flying into the shop. He would like to get a cool buzz instead of his old boring buzz, he is thinking about a buzz in the lines of a cock-a-doodle-do. The bee likes the new buzz he is given by Mopatop. He leaves his old buzz in return. Meanwhile Moosey Mouse are practicing playing his kazoo, and driving his Mother mad, so she orders him down to the shop to practice.

A new customer enters the store looking for a buzz for his buzzer, Mopatop gives him the bee's buzz. Right after the cutomer leaves the bee returns asking for his old buzz back. Apparently the flowers don't like him and his new cock-a-doodle-do buzz, he demonstrates it on Betty. Mopatop goes to order a new buzz from the buzz factory, while Mopatop is away he notice Mooseys Mouse and his kazoo. So he exchanges some honey for the kazoo.


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