The Furchester Hotel
Air date May 21, 2015
Writer Davey Moore
Director Jack Jameson

The Furchester Hotel opens up a new ripening lounge for their various fruit guests. After the ribbon cutting, three fruits (a bunch of grapes, an orange and a pineapple) arrive to visit the lounge, but start arguing over who will get to sit in the bowl. Elmo suggests they share the bowl, but they find they can't all comfortably fit in it. Funella deems this a catastrophe (at least, the worst one since this morning).

Phoebe proposes they get three separate bowls so that each fruit won't have to share. Cookie Monster shows off their selection as the fruits each pick their preferred bowl. Things seem fine now, but the fruit complain they're not all not getting adequate sunlight. Instead of moving the bowls around manually, Phoebe instead puts them on a rotating plate, so they'll each get a turn in the sun.

The plan works and the fruit are so relaxed, not even the Tea Time Monsters can disrupt their serenity. But now, even more fruit arrive, having heard positive things about the new lounge! The monsters all rush to get more bowls.


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