Mopatop's Shop
Written by Sally-Ann Lever
Director Simon Spencer

Mopatop opens the episode by offering a whistling fox, a squid with stripey socks, or a surprise in a box.

Puppyduck is intrigued by the surprise in a box, but Mopatop says that she can't know what it is yet. She asks the box for a clue, but the box tells her to "wait and see." Moosey Mouse scurries down from the attic, determined to find out what secrets the box is hiding.

A bunny named Bonnie comes into the shop -- she's having a party, and needs some party supplies. Puppyduck offers her streamers, hats and balloons. Bonnie leaves, happy, and Puppyduck sighs -- she wishes she were going to a party. Meanwhile, Moosey creeps up to the surprise box, and tries to peek inside.

Bonnie returns to the shop; she needs some food for her party (lettuce, cheese and bread). While she's being helped, Moosey tickles the box, so that it laughs and opens its lid. Moosey jumps up and scurries inside the box.

Bonnie returns once more to find some clothes to wear to the party. Ozzie the squid offers his stripey socks, and Mopatop gives her a scarf and a hat. She's thrilled, and invites Mopatop and Puppyduck to her party. (It turns out she'd forgotten to invite anyone else.)

Mopatop gives Bonnie the surprise in a box, and she opens it -- to find Moosey, who's eaten the birthday cake that was hidden inside. But Mopatop says that the shop is full of surprises -- and finds another birthday cake to celebrate Bonnie's birthday.

A storybook adaptation, Surprise Party, was published in 1999.


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