Mopatop's Shop
Written by Jocelyn Stevenson
Director Tom Poole

Mopatop opens the episode by offering some pans, some pants or an army of ants.

Mrs. Warthog arrives at the shop asking if she could buy a cake for her son Wendell's 4th birthday. Mopatop tells her that he and Puppyduck will bake one right away and that she can pick it up later. Moosey Mouse are quite interested in the coming cake since it's his mother's birthday and he needs a cake as well, he are also worried about how it will go with an army of ants around.

Puppyduck are excited she loves baking cakes and quickly finds the ingredients for it, however she are having difficulties finding some milk, so Mopatop helps her search for it. While away the army of ants carries the ingredients away, this continues a few times before Puppyduck starts to panic about not being able to finish the cake before Mrs. Warthog returns. Mopatop tells her to begin to bake the cake while he gets the missing ingredients. As Puppyduck begins to bake she also sings a song.

Mopatop puts the cake in the oven as Mrs. Warthog enters the shop to fetch her cake. Puppyduck starts to apologizes about the cake not being ready, when the army of ants arrives with a finished birthday cake. While Mopatop wraps the birthday cake Moosey Mouse takes a piece of the other cake for his mother's birthday.


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