Sesame Street
Plot Mr. Snuffleupagus tries to ride on a gigantic skateboard.
repeat of 1015
Air date February 9, 1979
Season Season 10 (1978-1979)
Sponsors K, R, 3
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  • Biff and Oscar the Grouch decide that the only way to open a bottle of ketchup is to blast it open.
  • Cartoon: Thelma Thumb meets Cyrus the magpie, who, after getting covered with yellow paint, had been mistaken for a canary and locked in a cage in a pet shop. Thelma rescues him and becomes his friend.
  • Film: Kids have a lost-dog poster made using an old-style printing press. (EKA: Episode 1222)
  • Luis doesn't have time to fix David's TV set, so David borrows Luis'.

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