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Episode 121: Gobo's Discovery

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Fraggle Rock
Air Date May 30, 1983
Written by Jocelyn Stevenson
Director Martin Lavut

"Fizzgig" and Gobo

After a bad experience venturing into Outer Space, Gobo is convinced that he never really wanted to be an explorer, and he decides to become a juggler instead.

Meanwhile, Doc is sick of people rejecting his inventions, and goes back to his original profession, being a barber.

Fraggle Facts


  • When Gobo is searching through the Great Outer Maze, he walks past Aretha, a monster who (with the addition of horns) will later be cast as Muppet Time's Huffy Monster.
  • One geological formation that Gobo passes is the Belching Boulder.
  • After Wembley and Boober make it back, Gobo is still searching for them in the Great Outer Maze and he comes across a creature which looks strikingly like Fizzgig from "The Dark Crystal," just as Boober did during "I Don't Care."
  • Gobo plays his guitar right-handed in this episode instead of left-handed as usual.

International versions

UK version: The Captain cheers for a fellow voyager returning from his journey on the sea. Uncle Matt's postcard is the same as in the US version.

Supporting cast


Video releases

International episode titles

  • Denmark: "Gobos opdagelse"
  • Finland: "Gobon löytö"
  • Germany: "Gobos Entdeckung"
  • The Netherlands: "De grote ontdekking" (The Great Discovery)
  • Norway: "Gobos oppdagelse"
  • Poland: "Odkrycie Gobo"
  • Quebec: "Gobo fait une découverte" (Gobo makes a discovery)
  • Spain: "El descubrimiento de Gobo"

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