The Furchester Hotel
Air date January 10, 2015
Writer Stuart Kenworthy
Director Helen Scott

Mr. Huggles, a bear, checks into the Furchester for hibernation season. Funella goes to get his key to the hibernation suite, when she finds he's disappeared. He's actually fallen asleep on Harvey P. Dull's lap. Furgus tries retrieving the bear-moving trolly, but it's too small. Phoebe proposes they use the luggage cart instead, so the monsters all cooperate to move Mr. Huggles onto it.

They all push the cart toward the elevator, but are pushes backwards when the Tea Time Monsters rush out for tea. A wheel then breaks off the cart, preventing it from moving any further. The monsters all think of ways to get him to his room, when Phoebe thinks they can instead bring the room to him.

She, Furgus and Elmo bring the bed from his suite down to the lobby and carry him into it. Mr. Huggles now has a comfy place to sleep for the winter! The monsters now feel sleepy themselves and doze off. Mr. Huggles wakes up finally, wishing for a tour and a snack, only to find the whole staff is asleep.

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