Bear in the Big Blue House
119 Magic in the Kitchen
Premiere November 13, 1997
Written by Andy Yerkes
Director Hugh Martin
Theme Cooking

Bear has just gone inside the Big Blue House for some relaxing swinging in the living room in the kitchen. Ojo, however, is soon there to remind Bear of a promise he made. She's very hungry and Bear had promised to make her his "incredible banana berry whole-wheat pancakes with maplely syrup." So Bear heads to the kitchen to get cooking, and Ojo offers to help out. She goes to get Snow Bear and soon after, Pip and Pop join in the cooking. Tutter and Treelo appear soon after and Tutter's a bit annoyed with Treelo for taking him flying through the trees. Still, they join in the preparation as well --- Bear has them set the table. Tutter disagrees with Treelo as to how to fold the napkins, but Bear gets them working together on a new way to do it. In the Shadow segment, Shadow sings the song "Muffin Man." In her version, however, the Muffin Man is a super treat that's able to fly into your mouth (with a little help.)


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