Sesame Street
Plot The Count counts hellos from everyone on Sesame Street, and the gang decides what to name the large Muppet dog: Barkley or Woof-Woof?
Air date November 27, 1978
Season Season 10 (1978-1979)
Sponsors D, 2
Syndication Sesame Street Unpaved
Releases Old School: Volume 2
Sesame Street Classics
HBO Kids


This episode is available for viewing, uncut, at The Paley Center for Media.
Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN 10th Season Intro Still
This was cut from the Noggin and HBO Kids versions.

SCENE 1 Count von Count counts eleven hellos from the cast.
Cartoon I Love You, in American Sign Language
Artist: Steve Finkin
Muppets Three polyester-clad Anything Muppets sing "Disco D."
Cartoon D - dig, deep, dinosaur
This segment was cut from the Noggin version.
Film Future jobs: footage of a kid playing with a certain toy, followed by an adult using "the real thing."
(EKA: Episode 0796)
Celebrity Victor Borge demonstrates high and low notes.
Cartoon Consonant Sound Limerick: D—Dog
Artist: Jeff Hale
SCENE 2 Susan and the kids sing "My Little Game," a song with loud and soft parts.
This scene was cut from the HBO Kids version.
Cartoon Dogs cheer D-O-G and fight with cats.
(EKA: Episode 1148)
Muppets Muppet & Kid Moments: Cookie Monster shows Jason that D is for Doggie.
Cartoon Small B, Small D
Paul Fierlinger
Muppets Ernie and Bert: Ernie sings opera (O Solo Me-Oh, O Solo You-oh) out the window to find out what time it is: three o'clock in the morning.
(EKA: Episode 1153)
This and the previous clip are sewn together in the Noggin version.
Film Raposo: Footage of birds swimming, including flamingos, swans and ducks.
This segment was cut from the Noggin version.
(EKA: Episode 0981)
Muppets Muppet & Kid Moments: Herry asks John-John if he knows the difference between up and down.
(EKA: Episode 0784)
Cartoon The Sign Man unscrambles the letters in a sign which reads BURP.

SCENE 3 Maria helps Herry brush his fur. Herry plans to help someone else brush their hair, but Gordon walks by.
Cartoon A witch turns a little girl into a variety of things, but the girl insists "I'm still ME!"
(EKA: Episode 0867)
Celebrity Madeline Kahn sings "Me-me-me-me...."
Film Silent film: Two men (played by Richard Belzer and Brian Doyle-Murray) are about to share a picnic lunch, but first decide to try rowing a boat on the lake. A brown dog arrives and starts to eat the sandwiches. Panicking, the men try to steer the rowboat back to the shore but they can't direct the boat. Eventually, they realize that to return they must cooperate. They get back just in time to take back the last wrapped sandwich out of the dog's mouth.
(EKA: Episode 1083)
This segment was cut from the Noggin version.
Cartoon / Film D, a delightful letter
(EKA: Episode 0397)
This segment was cut from the HBO Kids version.
Film Kids use a magnet to retrieve a jack.
(EKA: Episode 1021)
Cartoon Cherries fall through a moving hole onto a man who demonstrates up and down.
Artist: Bruce Cayard
(EKA: Episode 0881)
SCENE 4 David thinks he hears Big Bird talking to Mr. Snuffleupagus about going to the movies. He convinces the other adults to examine the nest area. When they get there, Snuffy is gone, and they decide that David must have been hearing things.
Muppets Grover demonstrates the number 2: Part 1
Counting to 2 is not very exciting.
(EKA: Episode 1156)
Film I hab a cauld ib by dose.
Artist: Bruce Cayard
Muppets Grover demonstrates the number 2: Part 2
Nobody's favorite number is 2.
(EKA: Episode 1156)
Cartoon He, She and It show how a faucet works.
(EKA: Episode 1161)
Muppets Grover demonstrates the number 2: Part 3
The huge visual aid falls on Grover.
(EKA: Episode 1156)
Cast The disco song "Ride A Bike" is played over footage of the Sesame adult cast riding bicycles.
This segment was cut from the Noggin version.
Muppets Ernie buys a newspaper after hearing the newsboy yell out the headline: "Four People Fooled!" Ernie reads the paper, but finds no such news in the paper, making him the fifth person fooled.
This segment was cut from the HBO Kids version.
Cartoon Pinball #2
(EKA: Episode 1056)
Muppets Baby Rocky performs "Cry" from his crib.
(EKA: Episode 1107)
Cartoon Train #2
(EKA: Episode 0536)
Film Raposo: Up and Down. A man bounces a ball up the steps, and then it falls down the steps.
(EKA: Episode 1019)


SCENE 5 The gang decides whether to name the large Muppet dog Barkley or Woof-Woof. Bob leads the Woof-Woof supporters, while Gordon leads the Barkley supporters. However, both teams have the same number of people, but Gordon's team eventually wins.
Film Raposo: A warthog runs around. This same film appeared in Episode 0406, but now has narration by Oscar.
This segment was cut from the HBO Kids version.
Film Charlie Chaplin (Maria) looks in a mirror and sees "ME." Maria's reflection is played by Linda.
(EKA: Episode 1032)
The DVD release adds a musical score to this segment.
Film Raposo: A girl puts on her coat all by herself.
(EKA: Episode 1128)
This segment was cut from the HBO Kids version.
Cartoon Billy Jo Jive and Susie solve the wig robbery.
SCENE 6 Oscar tries to make the Count go away as The Count counts good-byes.

Bob announces the sponsors.


CLOSING SIGNS Olivia holds up the Sesame Street sign, while Bob and Linda hold up the CTW sign at the end.


  • The HBO Kids version of this episode includes the Friday ending credit sequence from episode 1190, despite this episode having originally aired on a Monday.


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