Mopatop's Shop
Written by Sally-Ann Lever
Director Dirk Campbell

Mopatop opens the episode by offering a teeny tiny curly thing, a shiny bell that goes ding ding or a golden ring.

Lamont the Sloth delivers a bag of circles to Puppyduck, however Puppyduck expected it to be the squares she had ordered for Miss Corner. She realized she had placed a wrong order. She tries to pass them off to Miss Corner as the latest in squares, but that did not work. While Puppyduck is out drawing a I'm sorry picture for Mopatop, customers come in asking for circles. Even Moosey Mouse needs a circle for a picture frame. One of the customers is a Snail looking for a wheel for a snail skate, he is so happy with it that he takes the entire bag of circles since they would work perfectly for extra wheels for his friends skates.

Mopatop thanks Puppyduck for the mistake she made, because all the customers wanted round things. Even Miss Miss Corners came back to the shop wanting round things, but all they had left was the gold ring.

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