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Sesame Street
Plot Luis and his friends leave for New Mexico. (repeat of 0810)
Air date April 21, 1978
Season Season 9 (1977-1978)
Sponsors K, U, 5
This episode page has been compiled from materials at the CTW Archives.
  • Big Bird and The Count are in the Fix-It Shop when Luis gets a call from a relative in New Mexico, where he grew up. His grandparents are building a new house, and Luis agrees to go back to the ranch to help. The Count is excited to hear that "one person is going to New Mexico in one truck," and asks if anyone else is going. The Count suggests that Big Bird and Maria would like to go. They both accept the invitation, and the Count leaves the shop to find more people who are going.
  • The Count now has a clipboard; he's trying to recruit more people to go to New Mexico, so he has more people to count. Mr. Hooper says that he can't go; he has to take care of the store. The Count is very disappointed -- there's only three people going so far, and three isn't enough!
  • The Count tries to talk Susan and David into going on the New Mexico trip. They like the sound of the trip, but Susan has to work, and David can't miss his law classes. "Rats and bats!" the Count sighs. "I'm such a failure! I'm trying hard to count more than three people going to New Mexico, but I can't. Just three people!... and one truck."
  • Bob finds the Count outside the Fix-It Shop, completely miserable. "It's just one of those days," he sighs. "I'm trying to count something, but it's just not working out." Bob says he'd like to help, but he has to go and pack -- he's going to New Mexico. The Count is thrilled -- now there's four people going to New Mexico, and one truck!
  • The Count begs Susan to change her mind. "Oh, Count," she says, "I've told you ten times, I can't go to New Mexico!" "That's eleven times, but who's counting?" he pleads. Gordon asks why the Count is so upset, and Susan explains that people are going to New Mexico. The Count encourages Gordon to go -- and Susan thinks it's a good idea. It would be a nice vacation for him. The Count is thrilled when Gordon agrees to go. Now it's five people, and one truck!
  • Film: Beehives.
  • As Biff and Sully help Bob, Luis and Maria load the truck, Oscar the Grouch chuckles as the cast loads up the truck. He won't get bothered by Gordon and Susan being nice to each other, or Bob singing, or Maria playing her radio. Oscar wishes them a happy trip- such a happy one that they'll opt to stay there forever, but Maria assures Oscar that they're going to be back in a week, and he'll have to put up with them again. Disgruntled, Oscar slams down into his can.
  • Luis, Bob and Maria need to stop by Hooper's Store, and Biff and Sully offer to help load up the truck. Luis gestures at the luggage, saying, "All this stuff goes." Sully and Biff get to work.
  • Ernie and Bert: Ernie tries to put a pot on Bert's head. Bert asks Ernie why he's doing that, and Ernie says that he broke a cookie jar. Ernie has to put the cookies somewhere, so he put them in the sugar bowl – and put the sugar in the flowerpot, which meant that he had to put the flower in a milk bottle. He put the milk in the soda bottle, and the soda into the fishbowl, and the fish in Bert's cowboy hat. Bert asks, "Now what am I going to wear when I want to play cowboy?" Ernie puts the pot on Bert's head and says, "Ride 'em, cowboy, Bert!" (First: Episode 0279)
  • Everything is packed, and everyone is ready to go! Everyone gets on the truck, and bid their friends goodbye. When the truck takes off, Susan, David and Mr. Hooper realize that Oscar's trash can is gone! They realize that Biff and Sully loaded it onto the truck, and Oscar is on his way to New Mexico. The Count is disappointed -- they left already, and he'd found eighteen more people to go. David tells him about Oscar, and the Count is happy again -- that makes six people going to New Mexico, and one truck!
  • Cartoon: A janitor sweeps up his own footprints the wrong way, then the right way. Just then, a giant centipede leaves tracks all over the floor. (EKA: Episode 0262)
  • Mr. Hooper and David relax as the Count announces the sponsors. The story of the trip to New Mexico continues in Episode 1161.

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